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Mothering the Mother Birth Services

Mission Statement

Birth is an experience that can transform you. Having the experience you want is dependent upon education and having the support structure to assist you.

Dedicated to
supporting families in the birth and bonding experience.

Sensitive support
for a birth that meets both the needs of the mother and infant.

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Mary Paliescheskey
I am an experienced Doula/birth attendant, mother of three, and have successfully breastfed while working outside the home.

During labor and delivery, I provide uninterrupted support for you and your partner, beginning at your home and staying through delivery.

During the postpartum period, I provide support designed to allow time for the mother/infant bond to develop. I assist with breast feeding, parenting issues and provide general support to the family. This support is designed to assist your family adjust to the new arrival and facilitate you in creating a strong family bond.

Traditionally, trained experienced women attend each other through out the pregnant year including the prenatal period, labor and delivery, and the post partum period.

The birth attendant/Doula is not meant to replace the support system of the mother, but to enhance it. The motherís supporters/coaches can focus on supporting the motherís emotional needs under the guidance of the experienced Doula. She is there to guide and make practical suggestions to help labor progress. Most importantly she is there to provide calm assurance and build your trust and confidence in yourself.

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Services Provided by Mothering the Mother

Labor and Delivery:

 2-3 prenatal visits with mother/couple and at least two postpartum visits

 Birth plan assistance

 Breathing/relaxation techniques

 Continuous nurturing support at home and hospital

 Telephone consultations

 Childbirth education questions and concerns addressed

 Parenting and breastfeeding support

 Sibling care and preparation

Postpartum Care:

 Parenting issues

 Breastfeeding support

 General assistance including assistance with preparation of meals, shopping, errands, laundry, and light housekeeping.

 Sibling care so the new mother can care for herself.




Mary Paliescheskey

 Bachelors of Science, Medical Microbiology, University of California, Davis

 Published in Medical Journals

 Five years experience in Family Practice

 Birth Guide/Doula, Birth and Bonding International

 Certified infant/adult CPR/first aid.

 Member Doulas of North America

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