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Quick tips for nursing on the go

Provided by Motherwear, the complete catalog and website for the nursing mother.

  1. Nurse at the first signs of hunger. You'll both be calmer and attract less attention -- if you begin the feeding before your little one is fussy and frantic. Buy some extra time with a happy baby by nursing in the car before you set out.

  2. Wear your baby in a sling or front carrier for the most discreet nursing. It will also reassure him and leave your hands free for other activities. If you're a modest mom or your infant is easily distracted, drape a small blanket or shawl over your shoulder as you nurse.

  3. In restaurants, choose a seat away from the traffic flow, with your back to the crowd. When shopping, look for lounges, fitting rooms or benches. On planes, trains, and buses, select a seat by the window. A calm, semi-private spot will help both you and your baby relax.

  4. Create your own private space in public settings by turning your body away from others and focusing on your baby, talking with a friend, or reading a book.

  5. When you're ready to engage with those around you, look up, meet their eyes, and smile. Your confidence will put them at ease.

  6. Wear clothing that makes nursing easy and comfortable. Try it out ahead of time in the comfort of home or the company of good friends.

  7. Take frequent breaks. Regular nursing and snuggle times will reassure your child in the midst of a stimulating and changing environment, and allow you to refuel as well.

  8. Enjoy your mobility! As a nursing mother, you're packed for transit, with your baby's food warm and ready anywhere, anytime. Getting out and about will refresh you both.

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