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    You select suppliers that relate to your website. There are hundreds to choose from. Select as many or as few as you would like. Sell products and services from your site. You have no inventory. You don't answer the buyer. They are directed to the suppliers home site. The tracking number in the code links any sale to you. You can read all about it at Commission Junction.

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    There is no programming involved in setting up the site other than knowing how to create a page on your website. All the tracking code and image display is made for you by commission junction. You just select the item and click to make your code. Click here for Commission Junction

    The picture image with product description sells items much better than a banner. Almost all my sales come from a specific item that a visitor clicked. Very few clicks come to the banners. That's why the products you select should relate to the content of your webpage. The visitor is there because of an interest in the topic of that website.

    You also should have an email address that you only use for advertising. If you advertise and use your main email address you will get 100+ messages in you main email inbox. So sign up for a free email address and only use it for submitting your webpage to search engines. I have information on how to submit your website for FREE at

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    Another way to increase traffic to your website is to join webrings. Yahoo has a nice selection of webrings. Also without programming. They send you the code to copy and paste onto your website.

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    If you have questions, email me. This program has worked well for me. So much better than paid-to-surf or paid-to-read.

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    This page is brought to you by Mothering the Mother Birth Services.

    Mary Paliescheskey, B.S.

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