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Gymnic Plus Ball

Gymnic Plus Ball

The Gymnic Plus is the newest generation of the popular therapy balls specifically designed for high risk patients. Unlike other balls, the Plus will not drop a patient when punctured but will slowly and softly deflate. The unique material is repairable and features the firmness of a Gymnic with the soft feel of foam balls. Available in 55cm, 65cm and 75cm.

Mind Muscle Connection

Mind Muscle Connection

Much more than just an exercise program, the Mind Muscle Connection is a unique and effective 12-week system of total mind/body development.

Tapas Sticky Yoga Mat Tapas Sticky Yoga Mat

Yoga Tapas® Sticky Mat - Blue Considered the most valuable tool for hatha yoga, these sticky mats provide a stable, non-slip surface for your practice. The Tapas Sticky Mats are designed to meet the requests for a yoga mat that is lightweight and durable. They offer insulation from cool floors and can be rolled or folded for use in poses and for travel. Each mat measures approx. 1/8$f_enc x 24$f_enc x 68$f_enc. Made in the USA for Women

Tanita 1583 Nursery Baby Scale

Tanita 1583 Nursery Baby Scale

-Portable baby/infant scale -Easy-to-read LCD display -Accurate and instant display -Zero/tare function -Lock-in weight -Auto power off function

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Jumpking 38 Jumpking 38" Mini Trampoline

Jumpking's steel frame construction, high-quality polypropylene jumping surface, and high-tension springs give hours of fun, safe aerobic exercise for the whole family!

Star Trac 901 Treadmill Star Trac 901 Treadmill

The TR901 is a full-featured treadmill designed specifically for home use. The TR901 is durable and dependable, and is constructed with commercial strength components. The control panel provides quick and easy access to a huge variety of programming options. Workout data for up to five users can be stored automatically. A built-in Polar? heart rate control and monitoring system measures heart rate during workouts.

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