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Breastfeed your baby in style with beautiful nursing clothes from Motherwear. Shop online. Free catalog!

Medela Pump in Style Medela Pump in Style

Pump in Style

Medela Double Ease Medela Double Ease

A fully automatic double pump for short-term separations.

Medela Mini Electric Medela Mini Electric

Mini Electric

Medela Collection Container Medela Collection Container

Collection Container

Medela Collection Container

Medela PureLan 100 1.3oz. Medela PureLan 100 1.3oz.

PureLan 100 1.30z

Medela NursingStool Medela NursingStool


Medela DayCarrier Kit Medela DayCarrier Kit

Daycarrier Kit

Lansinoh Privacy drape Lansinoh Privacy drape

Privacy drape

Lansinoh Support Breastfeeding pillow Lansinoh Support Breastfeeding pillow

My Best Friend support breastfeeding pillow

Lansinoh Back to work breastfeeding kit Lansinoh Back to work breastfeeding kit

Back to Work breastfeeding kit - Click here and start shopping!
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